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6535 N. Buffalo Dr 150
Las Vegas, NV 89131

Welcome to Dance Connection. We offer an exciting opportunity to connect with new people and share your talents. Under the direction of Cherilyn Beanan, the studio is designed to present dance with an emphasis on technique and professionalism. We offer a variety of classes and styles to meet every dancers' desire, whether they are recreational or professional. By placing students at their appropriate level, each dancer is challenged and has the opportunity for individual improvement. In addition to classes, students will have performance opportunities in an annual dance concert and more with our Dance Company. Dance Connection takes pride our instructors who have performed in Las Vegas, Broadway, Concert Tours, Film, Television and in Professional Ballet Companies. Dance Connection offers different activities to help dancers reach their goals. Such as, Workshops, Master Classes, Dance Retreats to Los Angeles, Disney Performances, Conventions, Competitions, and Professional Dance Concerts. It is our hope to give the following to every one of our students.


  • Develop student awareness of the art of dance.
  • Enjoy dance in a professional atmosphere while working hard.
  • Increase students' strength, coordination, flexibility, agility, endurance, control, and grace.
  • Build confidence and self-esteem.
  • Teach students more about themselves and their inner personalities.
  • Educate students on injury prevention through dance.
  • Gain experience with others.
  • Teach students proper technique and body alignment.
  • Give students the tools for a long healthy life.


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